Nov 23, 2011 12:00AM

Daphne does Cosmetics, M.A.C Style

There's nothing more natural in the world than the heiress to the Guinness fortune dabbling in a cosmetics line, right?

These days, everyone seems to throwing around the word 'unique', willy-nilly. For every new fashion line, every new rock band, basically any new creative endeavour, the word is trotted out and it hardly has any meaning left. But if you were going to use it for anyone, Daphne Guinness would be a fine contender. She tried to make herself look Japanese as a kid, 'accidentally' wound up with white and black striped hair, and trains in her heels. She was also called "one of - if not the - most stylish women living" by Tom Ford. No biggy! After dabbling in fashion and fragrance, her latest creative foray has been into cosmetics, with a collaboration between herself and M.A.C ready to launch in December in the US.

Now when you imagine creating a cosmetics line, do you see yourself pulling your watercolours out of your purse and using your own saliva to mix up some colours? No? Well I suppose that's the difference between you and Ms Guinness. Inspired by Irish daylight (didn't you know it's different to London?), butterfly wings and Michelangelo, the collection is as cool as a cucumber (meaning lots of cool-toned purples, greys and pinks, rather than greens of course).

As crazy as the legend of Daphne Guinness may be, and as strange as her influences were, the line is not just for the fearless among us. Sure there's a silver lipstick in there, and a violet-toned blush, but there's also a classic pale pink lip gloss and an eggplant-coloured nail varnish that is just, well, exactly the colour of eggplant. And really, it's just not every day you can say your eye shadow colour was born out of the saliva of the woman whose ancestors invented Guinness beer. The line will be available in Australia in January.