Jan 06, 2014 12:03PM

David Lynch Is Shooting New Twin Peaks Footage

Looking for a "hot Caucasian girl."

Twin Peaks aka the best TV show ever was shot in 1989, which means 2014 is the series' 25th anniversary and the perfect time to release a Blu-Ray version of the David Lynch masterpiece. That would explain a recent casting call posted on Facebook that asked for a "hot caucasian girl" of the brunette or redhead variety to play a waitress in a new David Lynch-directed promo.

While we know not what the next chapter of the Lynch saga will contain, it's bound to introduce the show to a new generation of stoned uni students, twee girls and film nerds — which can only be a good thing. If you're the budding actress type, the casting call asks for a "busty" female with "an amazing body" and a "period looking" face. 
Kind of like David Duchovny's character.