May 19, 2016 11:46AM

Demna Gvasalia On Vetements Hype, DHL & Why He Cast Only White Models


Designer Demna Gvasalia sat down with the UK Tele recently to talk all things Vetements: from the origins of the DHL shirt that everyone's going bananas over, his kinda suss casting decisions and that he would never actually be mental enough to spend so much $$$ on his own threads. The interview comes hot on the heels of Lorde's declaration that the brand has reached its peak and is officially uncool

First up, he recounts the tale of how that DHL shirt came to be: "For me, it was such a recurring topic in my life. Every day someone was saying, 'The package didn't arrive, we have to stop working with DHL, we will be bankrupt by DHL.' DHL seemed to be more a part of my life than anything else so I thought, why isn't it in the show? After some persuasion and in exchange for 20 T shirts for its staff, DHL gave Vetements the copyright to the logo and lo, the unlikeliest of fashion hits was born."

He goes on to explain how even his friends can't afford his stuff, and how he himself isn't "crazy fashion enough to go and buy those things", prefering to use all those dollars to "go on holiday... Holidays and quality time on your sofa" instead. The interviewer then hits him with the question on everyone's lips, aka why his runways are so white, to which he gave this answer:

"Our criteria for choosing models was purely based on the idea of diversity of character. We had very different types of girls but Lotta [Volkova, stylist and model] who works with me, we come from this cultural background where [race] is not even an issue. We don't even have that thing to think we have to be politically correct. I guess the criticism is justified but from my point of view it was the attitude of those girls that was important for me not the shade of their skin or their origin." OK, mate.  

In light of the recent clusterfuck at MBFWA, where Misha Collection sent a line-up of all white models walked down the runway to Beyonce's black girl power anthem 'Formation', it seems that a lack of diversity in the #fash industry is still very much a real issue. 


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Madeleine Woon