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Dec 02, 2016 12:45PM

Introducing: Derek Henderson x ManiaMania 'Crystalline'

Space rocks.

When you spend most of your life chilling at a computer screen it's easy to forget there's a lot of cool stuff going on out there ~in nature~. If the new season of Planet Earth didn't do it for you, a) nothing ever will and b) why not take a closer look at crystals? There's a lot more to these shiny little marvels of science than their primary position in every Tree of Life storefront would have you believe. From ancient civilisations to modern witches and natural history museums, human beings love a good crystal. Photographer Derek Henderson and the jewellery pros over at ManiaMania are also big fans of the geometric gems, having just collaborated on a project that's all about the raw beauty of the sparkly bbs.

The label enlisted Derek to create a series of fine art images with the proceeds of sales going to Indigenous education, and they're available for purchase right here! We hit up Tamila Purvis, one half of ManiaMania, to chat about the project, good energy and the beaut South Coast of Australia.

Lucy Jones: Can you explain the 'Crystalline' project in a sentence?
Tamila Purvis: Shooting crystals in a way that honestly captures their raw beauty.

How did you guys initially come to collaborate?
I've known and worked with Derek for many years, and I own and love his still life artworks, so when we had the idea to shoot our crystal collection, he was the obvious person to collaborate with.

Do you believe in the healing properties of crystals?
I believe they hold an energy, as everything does, but I also believe in the power of intention. So the more intention and energy you give a crystal, the more powerful the frequency it will hold.

Are you a spiritual person?
Yes, but not religious. I'm navigating my way around.

What's your idea of utopia?
The South Coast of NSW.

Can you tell us a bit about the partnership with the Montessori Indigenous Children's Trust?
The trust is to help fund Montessori teachers to set up programs for kids in remote areas of Australia where traditional education hasn't been effective. The Montessori philosophy resonates with us strongly and this foundation has been doing great things with the kids who need it the most.

What do you see as the biggest issues facing the future of our planet?
Disconnection and a lack of empathy between people, and for our natural environment.

Coolest natural phenomenon?

What informed the style of the photographs? How did you marry the artistic, scientific and more mythic elements of the crystals?
It was pretty clear from the start that we both wanted to capture the crystals with the most raw of elements. Derek used direct sunlight to capture the little reflections and inclusions within the crystals. But, so they didn't look overly scientific the way digital cameras can, he shot them with a large format film camera, which adds the character and romantic look to them.

What's would your last meal be?
Gnocchi Arrabiata.

What's the best thing on the internet?
Carpool Karaoke.

Words to live by:
Be here now.

Photography: Derek Henderson

Lucy Jones