Jul 12, 2016 7:28PM

Designer Grows Skin From Alexander McQueen's DNA, Proposes Creepy Collection

V conceptual.
In some real Leatherface vibes, Central Saint Martins student Tina Gorjanc has come up with the idea of producing a line of leather accessories made of skin grown from Alexander McQueen's DNA. Yes, this is creepy, but also a huge way to make us aware that we don't really own our bodily tissues—at least not to the point where we can ever claim them as stolen. 
The Tina's collection, Pure Human, pulls the DNA from the perspex labels of McQueen's first collection, which contain the designer's hair. Some heavy science then extracts genetic material, lets it hang out with some cell culture, and is eventually turned into skin tissue. It's then treated the same way as leather—tanned, cut, sewn.
The collection is still in concept phase, though Tina has ben successful in growing a small sample of skin, and the owner of McQueen's first collection has agreed to contribute more hair.
Dezeen reports Tina's motives, "The Pure Human project was designed as a critical design project that aims to address shortcomings concerning the protection of biological information and move the debate forward using current legal structures.
"If a student like me was able to patent a material extracted from Alexander McQueen's biological information as there was no legislation to stop me, we can only imagine what big corporations with bigger funding are going to be capable of doing in the future." 
Photos & GIF: Tina Gorjanc, Tumblr

Hayley Morgan