May 12, 2016 2:59PM

Destiny's Child's Vintage 'Cribs' Episode Is The Best Thing Of Life

The house I live in, I bought it.

Some legend has unearthed Destiny's Child's MTV Cribs episode from the year 2000 and we're so very glad that they did. The episode takes us into Beyoncé and Kelly's home, where Bey reigns supreme and poor Michelle has no room. There's also a really, really cute baby Solange and some straight up hideous home decorating decisions to be found inside.

The clip is the best thing of life for many reasons, but mostly because it stars the chillest Beyoncé ever and really 00s things like VHS tapes, CD racks and a lounge room that legit looks like the sweet digs from the 'Say My Name' video. The gang are o' course dressed in matching, yet customised outfits with Bey rocking some very dope braids and a #todiefor chain belt. As D-Child tours us around the house, we get golden footage of Bey frothing on intercom technology, shout outs to the group's peers — Britney and N'Sync — and so much subtext about who the true group leader is.

First up is cutie pie Solange, who was already too cool for the fam with her baller garage apartment.

Then we venture into Kelly's room, which she describes as a queen's bedroom, before saying: "I'm not actually a queen but, you know". Aw, boo. Her fave thing is her TV tho, mostly because it's so big.

Finally, we come to Queen Bey's room which was 100% 'Genie in a Bottle' inspired, although Bey insists "it's drama!" too. It sure is, darls. Bey's fave ~piece~ is her dresser that's been fashioned in the shape of an actual genie bottle and her cushion corner which is complete with a cloud-painted ceiling. So, exactly what your bedroom would've looked like at age 12 had you had complete creative control. She also has a sink with a story in it. Can't even, Beyoncé.

The tour ends out by the pool where Bey says, "we taught Michelle how to swim just recently" before jokingly trying to push her in the pool. You okay, Michelle? But before they sign out the girls pull a totally fun prank...

Get into the whole essential thing below.

Photos: Facebook, Vimeo

Lucy Jones