Mar 02, 2016 6:11PM

DIIV Take The Proust Questionnaire


Four outta the five troopers behind 'merican rock band DIIV are the final people on the Laneway Fest bill to take the Proust questionnaire for us. And what a grand finale it is!

Our resident Proust-medium, Jerico Mandybur, helped them find their inner selves, with questions pertaining to earthly happiness, death and everything in between. Plumbing their mind fruits turned out to be wildly fun and a lil bit morbid, see evidence below:

Jerico Mandybur: What's your idea of earthly happiness?
Colin Caulfield: Existing in the moment, not worrying about the past and the future.
Andrew Bailey: That is a good answer. 

What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
Colin: Woah [laughs]. When you've lost the idea of yourself, I think.
Zachary Cole Smith: No, I think losing the idea of yourself is a really good thing.
Colin: Not in my experience.
Andrew: It's miserable, but it could be beneficial.
Zachary: Yeah, I guess when you come out of it, could be good. But… I don't know the answer. These questions are fucking crazy [laughs].
Andrew: What's the next one?

Who are your favourite people in history, people who you respect?
Zachary: This is definitely not what I expected when someone said, "You have an interview right now!"
Colin: Man. I can't even. I honestly have no answer…
Devin Ruben Perez: Marcel Proust [laughs]!

What qualities do you most admire in a friend?
Colin: Loyalty is a boring answer, but…
Devin: Honesty!
Zachary: Honesty is what I was going to say too.

What did you want to be when you were younger?
Colin: A chef.
Andrew: An architect.
Devin: A fireman.

What's your most marked characteristic?
Colin: As a band, our boyish good looks.
Devin: The fact that I never make eye contact with the people I'm talking to…
Zachary: He says as he looks away!

Who are your favourite writers?
Colin: Vonnegut.
Andrew: John Irving.
Devin: Thomas Pynchon.
Andrew: Hemmingway.
Colin: All of those!
Andrew: Henry Miller.
Zachary: David Foster Wallace.

What natural gift do you wish that you could possess?
Zachary: The ability to fly.
Devin: The ability to fall asleep on command and stay asleep.
Colin: The ability to speak every language on Earth.

A lot of people say photographic memory.
[All]: Devin's got a photographic memory.

What's your motto?
Colin: Always be unprepared.
Andrew: Timing beats speed, precision beats power.

How would you like to die, if you could choose?
Colin: Wow.
Andrew: Drowning.
Devin: I would also say drowning. Drowning is supposed to be the most peaceful way to die.

I don't think that's true… 
Andrew: No, it is. Look it up, it is…
Zachary: Suicide by gunshot!
Andrew: Drowning victims that have survived always talk about how it's a peaceful thing — first it's panic and then calm just sets in, and you're while they are in the water…
Andrew: I was thinking [I'd like to die] in my sleep but at the same time I sort of want to be conscious for my death.
Colin: Suicide by drowning!
Andrew: That's why I like drowning — you sort of go unconscious but you have a moment…
Zachary: But that's a panic moment. I want a peaceful moment.
Devin: How can they document that that's the most peaceful way to die?
Colin: It's probably the same as, like, suffocating.
Andrew: It's euphoric. Right before you pass out, it's really weird. Have you guys ever blacked out before and fallen on the ground? Right before, it's like, "Woahhhh." I feel good like I just did a bunch of whippets or something.
Devin: Or there's that way Cleopatra committed suicide. She slipped an asp into her bed while she was sleeping and it bit her — apparently the poison just lulls you into a sleep and you drift off into death.
Andrew: Imagine getting into bed knowing…
Colin: … Knowing there's a poisonous snake!
Devin: Yeah, that's how the Egyptians executed honourable criminals.

Interview: Jerico Mandybur
Photography: Dakota Gordon

Madeleine Woon