Feb 20, 2014 2:31PM

DIS Announce Exhibition on New Consumerism

High-brow > low-brow.

Ever imagined tossing your mesclun lettuce and biodynamic tomatoes in a Hood By Air salad bowl? Did you see above?  This is not an abstract whim, oh dreamer — rather, this is something that you can actualise very soon. 

Cue DISown — Not For Everyone, an exhibition curated by DIS and Agatha Wara, that sees world-renowned artists like Ryan TrecartinHBA and Telfar present lower-brow, consumer versions of their typically high-brow offerings — intended to subvert norms that exist in the luxury brand market. Very quintessentially DIS. <italics>


The exhibition "Merges art and retail; explores new consumerism," and as the curators say, "Luxury brands couldn't exist without the cheap belts and underwear that they make for the average consumer. DISown is making the "belts and underwear" version of art, in effect creating artist diffusion lines."

Over 30 artists will contribute to the exhibition; details as per below poster: