Aug 07, 2015 7:30AM

Don't Talk About Jared Leto's Giant Member Or He Will Sue You

Our lips are sealed.
It has been a big week for peens, and the headlines have not gone unnoticed by Jared Leto and his legal team. They want in, and out, as it so happens.
According to Above The Law, Jared's lawyer Allison S. Hart sent a letter threatening legal action against goss website Lipstick Alley because they accused Jared of having a giant member. Damage!
Lipstick Alley's lawyer Paul Alan Levy has chimed in, publishing a pretty incredible defence letter. It's big, too, so here is the meat:
Some of the posts of which you object do not appear to me to be defamatory. Two of the posts simply mention claims found elsewhere in the Internet that your client has a large penis. It is hard to see how those statements would hurt your client’s reputation, even if they are false. It is, as I understand it, the accusation of having a small penis that is understood to be an insult… I assume that you do not have personal knowledge about the size of Leto’s penis or about whether he is rough with sexual partners, and you do not cite any evidence supporting your claim of falsity...Finally, each and every one of your purported libel claims is barred by the statute of limitations.
As ATL points out, if Paul's response letter is 100% legally correct, then Allison's initial letter lacks so much legal merit that you've got to question if this is just a publicity stunt. The old reverse psychology hey, Jared. We're on to you.
Photo: @jaredleto

Hayley Morgan