Jun 20, 2014 9:57AM

Dov Charney Ousted From American Apparel

Notorious CEO and alleged sex pest gets the boot.

In a no-brainer public relations manoeuvre, American Apparel has terminated the employment of its notorious founder and CEO Dov Charney.

Following the decision to replace Charney as chairman, the company's board of directors released a statement declaring that the decision to remove Charney "grew out of an ongoing investigation into alleged misconduct" which, followers of fast fashion, would be well acquainted with.

Charney was once painted as a marketing svengali of sorts, for shamelessly tapping in to the advertising world's 'sex sells' paradigm and successfully using the draw of sexual messaging to sell the brand's quality basics via a selection of beautiful, scantily clad home girls. The brand's often controversial preoccupation with sex (such as campaigns starring high school kids in a shirt with the slogan "Teenagers Do It Better") bled into Dov Charney's public reputation, as disturbing allegations of sexual misconduct - 'misconduct' to say the least - emerged.

American Apparel's newly-appointed co-chariman told the LA Times: "This is not easy, but we felt the need to do what we did for the sake of the company. Our decision to do what we did was not the result of any problems with the company’s operations."

Turfing the problematic CEO can only mean good things - or at least millions saved in prospective lawsuits - for American Apparel.