Dec 09, 2016 12:11AM

Dream Gal Hari Nef Stars In Wolfgang Tillmans' Visual Album

Queen of the night.
Legendary photographer Wolfgang Tillmans has just dropped a stunning visual album Fragile, ahead of his EP That's Desire/Here We Are that'll be released this Friday.
Aside from the cool neue deutsche welle-related tunes, what makes this album special is rainbow tinted visuals that star Wolfgang and his bandmates and friends, as well as dream gal Hari Nef.
The footage is simple, but the concept is nice: everyone is moving to their intuition, on first listen of the music. It's pure response, much like the music which was written and recorded in a "post Brexit/pre Trump" era—with the 'Warm Star' track containing words from Wolfgang's anti-Brexit campaign posters.
"I wanted the overall feel of the EP to be reflecting the desire to carry on and live our lives in a quest for personal happiness, whatever the circumstances are," Wolfgang said of the project. "We need to protest and campaign, but this shouldn’t stop us from reaffirming love and life, here and now." V true.
Photo: Youtube

Hayley Morgan