Mar 05, 2014 9:24AM

Drunk In Love: Emoji Edition

Plus bonus geography lesson from Beyonce.

Do you want to listen to Beyonce's visual album, on repeat 24 hours a day, but feel the need to spice things up, video-wise? Yes? Well, (a) you're nuts but (b) have hope! We have the solution for you: 'Drunk In Love' has been newly minted in emoji form. 

What a glorious day for the internet and mankind! Specifically the surfboardt emoji though — every emoji has its day. The video takes us through an impressive array of emojis and as such, it's a great homage to the medium. So much so that maybe we can push for the whole album to be done in emojis. Petition, anyone?

Get drankin' and/or grainin' on that wood and watch the whole thing below:

In other Beyland news, the queen posted this illustration on her Instagram showing ladies lined up with Miss [insert country here] sashes — you know, the big hitting world powers: Italy, Sweden, Taiwan and Tasmania. Yep, Tasmania. It's its own country, now. Thanks, B!