Mar 26, 2014 12:32PM

Emoji Loafers Are A Thing

Poop shoes.

Ah, loafers. Everyone loves a good loafer. According to Wikipedia, the classic slip-on shoe was originally developed as a "country house shoe for the landed gentry and the royal family." Who knew? The style's been widespread since Gucci and Prada made their leathery mark last century. The loafer is a shoe of significance, a shoe of diginity, a shoe of greatness.

Enter #theshit loafer (yes that's its real name — the low point of humanity a collection of emoji-themed loafers and bags created by Edie Parker and Del Toro Shoes. The collaboration is called M'oticons and spoils us for choice on appropriately hashtagged emojiwear for all occasions. How do you even choose between the #dancingqueen or #hotchick loafers (not to mention the matching bags for each)? It's a comparison of diamonds. If we had to pick, the poop shoes win.

We call this one, "I like to burn innocent chickens."

This one doubles as a reminder that its wearer is still sober and should start imbibing wine right away.