Feb 05, 2014 11:43AM

Emoji Poetry Is A Thing That Exists

Is sometimes but not always cute :/

Emojis have become emblematic of the tech-saturated generation to which we belong. These ideograms, together with internet dialect like 'lol', 'tl;dr' and other excellent and helpful acronyms, are often the subject of criticism via reasons of reductiveness and demolishing the English language and other similarly wet blanket stances. 

Forget those guys though; they'll never adapt and we'll surge forward like the voraciously relevant but attention span-deficient people we are. EXLNT. So now we've affirmed your camaraderie, we're pleased to implant a new idea into your psyche — emoji poetry. Styleite have reported on a pair of mates, Carina Finn and Stephanie Berger (who is co-executive director of NY's Poetry Society and helms something called The Poetry Brothel) that are very fond of collaborating on these emoji poems. As they say, "Being best friends and preliminary editors of each other’s work, she [Stephanie} texted me the poem and asked what I thought. Instinctively, I translated it and texted it right back to her. A few days later, I received another. Again I translated. We carried on for months just like that. The emoji poems saw us each through a few different lovers, several jobs, three countries, three seasonal wardrobe changes, and even hurricane Sandy. I think of the poems as operating within a kind of secret language between girls; they are filled with our secrets, and only we know the code."

Profound, wouldn't you say? Contrary to the innate principality of emojis, the poems aren't really cute and playful and they can actually get quite dark. Example: 

Preliminary evaluationsNew avenue for people to express themselves. Best for people with kooky and slightly cryptic personalities. Try your luck this Valentine's Day (soon -->) with a sultry sonnet. <3