Jan 14, 2014 11:14AM

Emojis IRL!


Someone give Liza Nelson an IRL fist bump and/or praise hands because her Tumblr has just stolen our hearts and short attention spans. The artist and designer has hacked the mainframe and brought some of her favourite Emojis into the real world and back again to digital with her blog, EMOJI IRL. LOL. The end results are both accurate, impressive and way better than Victoria's Secret's recent effort.

Liza uses models, clay, paper and props for her photographs. She's recreated the moustache man, the eggplant, water droplets, the salsa dancer Emojis and more, with hopefully more to come (do you take requests, girl!? We have a soft spot for sunglasses smiley face.) She even goes as far to say that Emojis are "the best thing that ever happened to our generation," adding, "they mean everything and nothing at the same time." Our response?