Aug 31, 2012 5:53PM

Backstage with Cheap Monday at Stockholm Fashion Week

Wild at heart and weird on top.

"Wild at heart and weird on top" is emblazoned in bold, black letters on a tee in the latest Cheap Monday collection — it's also a perfect summary for the collection itself, which blends themes of UFOs, androgyny, and 'weirdness' to create a range that celebrates the blurring of boundaries.

Like hot, genderless aliens who crash-landed in a Swedish skate park (literally — the show was held in one), the Cheap Monday kids sauntered down the runway at Stockholm Fashion Week, looking like they didn't give a damn, decked out in question marks that would put The Riddler to shame. But ultimately they came in peace. Check out the backstage shots for a close encounter with the street-wise, Scandinavian pieces themselves, as well as some beauty looks that perfectly balance the minimal with the far-out. 

We know what you're thinking — "Take us to your leader/stockist!" Well you're not going to believe this, but some of the 2013 collection is already online for purchasing, through the Cheap Monday Sneak Peek Shop. It's like a portal to the (fashion) future.

Photography: Mathias Nordgren