May 03, 2012 1:30PM

Exclusive: Bamboo Musik Playlist

By Roman Wafers and PAM's Misha Hollenbach.

Bamboo Musik is an occasional party for any occasion, run by Roman Wafers and PAM's Misha Hollenbach. Rare beats and house-y treats — it's always anything but normal, and at the Mercat in Melbourne on May 11 (NEXT WEEK!) it's going to be 'Fascinating'. They tell us you should expect "a lot of high boys, low-to-the-ground girls and a whole lotta smoke!"

We asked Roman Wafers to make us a playlist, and subsequently received this in our inbox: "This is the Roman Wafers 'Chillin' @ your house b4 we go to club & I show u some of my favorite youtube uploads' playlist":

YELLO — 'Desire'


MAURIZIO MARSICO — 'Batucada Mobileira':

DIEGO — 'Walk the Night':

GINO SOCCIO — 'The Visitors':

BONUS CUT! This is how Misha from P.A.M. will be dancing at 'Fascinating':

Want an extra-special bonus? Here's the 'Fascinating' promo mix:

Tickets $10, 
Friday 11 May, 2012
The Mercat, 456 Queen Street Melbourne

Emily Royal