Jan 24, 2014 12:28PM

Exclusive: Byron Spencer Vs The World

Talking about his project @ The Galeries with MC Gaff E.

Sydney's The Galeries is home to stores like Incu, Alphaville and best bookstore in the world, Kinokuniya, but they also boast a roster of interesting exhibitions, held in their Lane 4 space. The latest local to participate in the Expressways project is photographer and Oyster regular Byron Spencer. Shooting portraits of colourful mates like Rachel Rutt, model Fernanda, Gary Bigeni, Emma Mulholland, Di$count and more, Byron's created a series of street style images, taken to an artistic place through some psychedelic after effects. We spoke to Byron and his friend and fellow participant, the always visually stimulating artist MC Gaff E about personal style.

Jerico Mandybur: What made you choose the people you chose for the series?
Byron Spencer: I think they are all characters. They don’t take fashion too seriously and all have a real personal flair for style and colour.
Why did you let Byron take your picture for The Galeries, Gaff E?
MC Gaff E: Looked like a fun, colourful project to be part of and I've been friends with Byron for years!
How important is fashion in your life?
MC Gaff E: Colour and style are a big part of my life. I love that I can express myself through what I wear. I'm not one to follow trends. although I follow a few designers who are creating interesting, different and beautiful designs.
Whose portrait do you like best? If you had to pick…
Byron: Hmmm. Maybe Fernanda's in Romance Was Born. I like her pink hair so much and that outfit with the over-saturation makes her kinda looks like a Disney princess on acid, in front of her castle!
What's your definition of style?
Byron: I guess style should be a real reflection (and play!) of yourself and the way you feel each day. It’s interesting looking at people and then getting to know them. I'm usually drawn to the wild, weird dressers who often end up being a lot more introverted than what they're showing us externally.
MC Gaff E: Individuals who know themselves and stay true to that. They are not trying to be anything other than themselves.
Who has/had the best style, ever? Dead or alive.
MC Gaff E: Grace Jones!
Byron: The Pope always look shmick.
How does Sydney effect the way you dress?
Byron: Sydney is awesome 'cause it's just a real 'relaxed' kinda city. That suits me fine, 'cause I don't care much for shoes and don't like wearing pants and I enjoy the beach. So I'm always comfy.
MC Gaff E: I usually live in London so when I'm in Sydney, I am only visiting.  If my style offends people, it's not my problem. At the end of the day, it is only colour — it won't bite!
If you could only live in one designer's piece for the rest of your life…
Byron: 'The Birthday Suit Suspender' by Agent Provocateur.
MC Gaff E: A technicoloured catsuit designed by Carley Hague.
Fashion theme song?
Byron: 'Dressed for Success' by Roxette.
MC Gaff E: 'Ultimate Warlord' by The Immortals.
Favourite shop in The Galeries? And why?
Byron: Oporto. And then Kinokinuya. Best bookshop. You can spend ages in there!
MC Gaff E: I feel bad that I have never been...but I love Gorman's socks!
Expressways: Byron Spencer Vs The World
Lane 4 @ The Galeries, 500 George St Sydney
27 January — 31 March 2014
Photos: Byron Spencer