Feb 06, 2013 10:06AM

Exclusive: Karen Walker Eyewear x Advanced Style

Ari Seth Cohen shoots some of his muses aged between 65-92.

Karen Walker has done a very good thing. The label's Eyewear offshoot has teamed up with blogger Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style for its Summer 2013 campaign, and magic has abounded. Both a celebration of eternal optimism and a comment on the industry's fixation with youth, the Karen Walker Forever campaign stars four of the Advanced Style style icons who are aged between 65-92. As Aaliyah once said, "age ain't nothing but a number."

Photographed in their New York homes, Joyce, Linda, Lynn and Illona show us how it's done and teach us a thing or two about the fashions. The series of images are accompanied by short interviews with each lady who share pearls of wisdom. When asked for her advice for the future, Joyce says, "Be optimistic, join in, don't be negative, be positive in everything that you can and it will come your way and work out." Word.

In terms of the eyewear itself, the 31-piece collection is a meeting of old and new incorporating the classics (Number One, Harvest and Deep Freeze frames) as well as fresh favourites like the Atomic, featuring laser-cut eyebrows (!), and the way-out Intergalactic, which shines bright with encased crystal acetate detailing.

You'll be able to pick up a pair for yourself and/or your grandmother when the collection drops in store on 11 February.