Mar 15, 2017 3:17PM

Exclusive: P.A.M. SS17 'Women Are The Future' Lookbook


Our pals over at P.A.M. have just produced a new collection for the cool and chill 2017 woman. The très blue range features slouchy printed jumpers, paisley patchwork and some very good denim jumpsuits. To celebrate the exclusive release of the 'Women Are The Future' lookbook on Oyster, we asked Shauna Toohey from P.A.M. to fill out our world-famous collection survey.

If it was a colour: Geothermal
If it was a mood: Future
If it was an animal: Hyena
If it was a language: Intuitive
If it was a place: In utero
If it was a time: No time to spare.
If it was a song: Lydia Lunch singing "I did it my way".
If it was a season: Post-seasonal
If it was a food: Fig
If it was a famous person: All of them, they all came from a woman.
If it was a YouTube video: Meshes of the Afternoon — Maya Deren (1943)

If it was a smell: Vanilla
If it was a texture: Smooth
If it was a quote: "As this planet becomes more brutarian and arrogant and patriarchal, the only real rebellion is to really embrace beauty and pleasure. To reclaim it with as much vigour as possible." — Lydia Lunch
If it was a film: Daisies by Věra Chytilová

Photographer: Rasa Juskeviciute 
Fashion: Thalea MV
Hair & make-up: Nina Meta Ratsaphong 
Production: Teresa Cong 
Models: Marita Kaji O'Grady and Jodie Hill

Lucy Jones