Sep 06, 2013 4:59PM

Exclusive: PER—TIM Interview & Lookbook

From the bed, to the bar.

Melbourne-based PER—TIM designers Bernadette and Laura are all about being comfortable. So much so that the two girls got together to create their dream fashion label — one you can wear during the day, right through into bedtime. The first collection, 'Club Bed' is a refreshing take on loungewear. Made up of slip dresses, shorts, tees, dressing gowns and even eye masks; all in quality fabrications and oceanic, crystalline shades, the Tumblr-loving duo's creations caught our eye, because we too love comfy clothing. We chat to the girls about tacky resort culture, temporality and corn on the cob.

Jerico Mandybur: How did you guys meet and why did you choose to design loungewear?
Bernadette and Laura: We met working together at Melbourne boutique Alice Euphemia. We bonded over one 40+ degree day last summer, lamenting the lack of sweet beach towels and further, decent bedding. We wanted to create manchester that was more inspiring - after all, we spend a lot of our time asleep and that inescapable ritual deserves more pizzazz! The clothing came after as an extension of the bedding, as we also felt that pyjamas were either too kitsch, cutesy or overtly sexy and likewise, everyday clothing isn't comfortable enough. Hence, PER—TIM was born!

How would you describe your label in a sentence?
From the bed to the bar.

What inspired the 'Club Bed' collection?
'Club Bed' is our tongue-in-cheek homage to the glorious heydays of Club Med. It pays tribute to resort wear at its very essence, as well as referencing the 'tacky luxury' these kinds of places conjure. The interiors, the pool and the nightlife have all been explored visually through print thanks to some ace collaborations with Tristan Ceddia of Never Now and Jordan Dolheguy of Totem. We aim to work with a diverse range of collaborators each collection. 

What inspires you guys in general life?
The www, cats, phenomenological philosophy, rituals, temporality, corn, emojis, science and the way things work.

What's the best thing about bed time? 
Catching zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

What advice to would give to someone who wants to start repping sleepwear outside of the house?
Confidence, cleanliness and ironed clothes helps....Or you could just wear PER—TIM?

Can you describe the best dream/s you've ever had?
Lucid (it's only happened once or twice but it's so cool when it does!)

What's the best midnight snack?
Hot toddy OR corn on the cob.

Do you have a favourite 'going to sleep' song?
'Dance Myself to Sleep' by Bert and Ernie.

What's next for PER-TIM?
We want to infiltrate more seemingly mundane areas of everyday life and make them a bit more exciting... like cooking (tea towels? dinner plates?), going for a swim (beach towels? inflatables?) or changes in weather (umbrellas? hats?). The world is our Oyster ;)