May 08, 2014 8:03PM

Exclusive: SOOT SS14/15 'Splash'

Sherbert tones, fuzzy feelings and emoji fine jewellery!

Brisbane label SOOT helmed by Edwina Sinclair, have just released their SS14/15 offerings in the form of an adorable collection called 'SPLASH'.

The collection is SOOT all over — quality, lush-feeling fabrics, plump knits reminiscent of marshmallows, tactile appeal and a smattering of humour. The 'SPLASH' collection is also heavy-handed with the pastel, sherbert-like tones. In fact, the collection was informed by 1930's beach loungewear, sleepwear, sand and emojis. The latter of which appear in the collection's jewellery collaboration. Too cute to bear.