Feb 05, 2014 12:10PM

Exclusive: Stolen Girlfriends Club AW14 'Dirty Magic'

Shot by Moni Haworth & styled by Zara Mirkin.

Excellent New Zealand label Stolen Girlfriends Club (who now do eyewear) have just released a suitably awesome follow-up to their 'Rogue Wave' collection and it's called 'Dirty Magic.' Designers Dan and Luke's AW14 campaign continues the label's long-term love affair with punk-inspired fashion and this time, the inspiration's heightened care of some tartan elements, loads of silver, safety-pin covered jewellery, playful takes on tailoring and pin-stripes and a city backdrop thats made for wandering aimlessly through on a cold night. 

Meanwhile, Zara Mirkin-styled model Alison Perry looks like an attractive cross between mod-era Sting and 80s Debbie Harry, while her male counterpart Gabe Niles is giving us solid Richard Ashcroft circa 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' meets Jack White vibes. 
'Dirty Magic' is in-store now and you can shop Stolen GirlFriends Club here.
Photographer: Moni Haworth
Fashion Director: Zara Mirkin
Makeup: Karina Moore
Models: Alison Perry & Gabe Niles