Dec 05, 2013 12:43PM

Exclusive: Vintage Chanel x Nasty Gal

Featuring Staz, Corrie and some puppies.

Nasty Gal has habit of nabbing the cutest babes for their lookbooks (oh hey, Rachel Rutt, Bambi, Hannah Holman and Anja K) but they also know their way around some super cute vintage pieces too. Take this, their latest curated collection of vintage Chanel

Shot in the Hollywood Hills, Nasty Gal's vintage Chanel lookbook features Staz Lindes and Corrie hanging poolside, lounging in collector's item blazers and making friends with puppies. The pieces have already sold out (of course they have) but head to the label's site for more sick vintage discoveries. Puppies not included.


Models: Staz and Corrie @ Vision
Photographer: Michael Hauptman