Apr 06, 2017 10:49PM

Fascinating Human Lindsay Lohan Dons Burkini In Thailand

On Wednesdays we wear burks.
It has gotten to the point where we can only be thoroughly impressed by Lindsay Lohan's willingness to remain captivating. It was only weeks ago that she became the new Ashton Kutcher, and a few months ago that she flexed her poetry skills. Before that she'd developed an incredible Euro accent, which has eventuated into a clothing line. This week, she has been seen doing some random acts of modelling in a burkini. The results are stunning.
While LiLo has been carrying a Quran around since 2015, and has been profiled at the airport for wearing a headscarf, her donning of the burkini feels more than just a statement of faith. 

Namaste #thesecret

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It's not confirmed is there's an important reason (not that there needs to be tbh) as to why she was posing in the burks with a paddleboard in Thailand — where Buddhism and Hinduism are the main religions, and where she was also seen meditating in less modest bathers — but really hoping it has something to do with this…

New Fashion Line coming soon .... #fashion

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LOHAN by Lindsay Lohan with the inspiration of #MODESTFASHION finding inspiration at sea

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