Apr 07, 2014 7:39PM

Fashion Week: A Creeper's Perspective

Oyster is watching you.

Everyone knows that street style is all about posing. Sometimes if you want people to be real, you have to take them unawares. That's why this MBFWA, Oyster is going incognito — hiding under bushels, burying ourselves in leaves and dressing up as a tree — we're staking out the punters on the street the old fashioned way. By photographing them from afar without their knowledge. *insert evil laugh*

Mark our words — if any fashion week attendees pick their nose en route to a show, we'll be there. If they pick a wedgie or turn up in sneakers before changing into shoes (understandable) we'll be there. Oyster is watching you, Fashion Week! We know where you live! It's at Carriageworks. In the first of edition of Fashion Week: A Creeper's Perspective however, we've been stalking the rarest of prey — the Bondi locals outside Ellery. See our voyeuristic trophy shots above. #wewouldmakegreatpaparazzi #pleasedontsue