Aug 23, 2011 12:00AM

FdC Tokyo

Japanese fashion in the heart of Sydney.

In an inconspicuous garage just off Crown Street in Surry Hills is FdC Tokyo. They're hazy about opening hours (your best bet is to saunter past on a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday - look out for a yellow sign stuck to a chair on the street) and the goods for sale are second-hand, but it's more Rei Kawakubo-inspired guerrilla store than old-hat garage sale.

The crumbling concrete space houses a carefully curated selection of art books and apparel. Owners Alin and Ryoko scoured vintage shops in Tokyo and have come out with some real gems. Alin, whose background is in photography, has an eye for conceptual art - among his wares are a Joseph Beuys book and a monograph of photos by Robert Frank. Ryoko studied fashion and used to work in PR for Issey Miyake, so she's acquired an impressive collection of pleated crepe beauties over the years. There are even a couple of pieces from the APOC line, which is also known as the "tube line" because Miyake literally cut the garments out of one long tube of fabric.

There's a kind of avant-garde edge to all the pieces that have been cobbled together under FdC Tokyo's tiny tin roof. Alin explains that there's no criteria that informs what they stock, but the pair are both interested in "light" clothing. "When you look at clothes in mountaineering or sport, there's so much technology that goes into making a garment one milligram lighter," he says, before scrunching a Dries Van Noten tank into a ball that fits neatly inside the palm of his hand. "See - look how lightweight it is. It's perfect for traveling."

As well as haute Japanese fashion (a Comme des Gar