Jun 22, 2015 10:23AM

'Fear The Walking Dead' Has A Heart-Pounding New Trailer [Watch]

Run rabbit run.

Do you have a gaping hole in your heart/TV schedule left by The Walking Dead? Same. Luckily, the good folks at AMC have seen fit to gift the world with a spin-off series to your favourite zombie-infested TV show, and it's coming to your screen sometime in July/August.

While it's set in the same world as TWD, Fear The Walking Dead takes place at a different time — the show reportedly begins right at the start of the zombie outbreak, before people are fully aware of what's happening. Cue lots of people trying to get their head around the idea that this isn't some weird, curable virus, and in fact that zombies are real, hungry and taking over.

The new trailer is big on fear and not so big on zombies, but watch it anyway because it's your first real look at the show you'll be obsessed with come spring.  
Photo: Courtesy

Nadia Bailey