Jul 04, 2016 9:52AM

Frank Ocean Updates World On When His New Album Will Drop (For Real)


International man of mystery, Franky Ocean, has updated his website over the weekend with something that strongly implies his album is going to drop this month. Like, whatever, take your time, we're all ~totally chill~ about it. *Reaches for asthma puffer* 



A photo posted by @boysdontcryan on


The image shows an old school library due date card, featuring a new stamp for July 2016. Despite the fact that we have definitely been lied to before about the release date, we are skipping our usual cynicism and taking this cryptic update as gospel. Ye of blind faith, help us celebrate the news by revisiting old interviews with the legend and listening to this on repeat forever:
Photo: Nabil for Oyster #103 

Madeleine Woon