Aug 03, 2017 11:24PM

FYI Lil' Kim Is Shooting A Secret Project Ft. Leather And Cash And Glitter

Lighters up.
Prepare your loins because Lil' Kim is doing things. Right now. We know literally nothing about it but we have pics for proof and they are juicy. Let's begin speculating…
First we get this photo of her with a chest full of sparkles and a face full of burning ambition:

Behind the scenes teaser from today with my favorite, @lilkimthequeenbee // Shot by me.

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Then we get this video, shot at a "secret location". Kim is truly working it but that does not distract us from the #beehive #queenbee #lilkimseason going on it the caption (Lil' Kim SEASON?!):
We also see her on a pedestal covered in cash (right where she should be):
And, finally, we see the best shot of them all. Hair, lashed, cleavage, cash, and thigh high boots that truly go above and beyond. A royal flush:

I'm a boss, you a worker, bitch, I make bloody moves // @lilkimthequeenbee shot by me.

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She's back? She's back!
Photo: Tumblr

Hayley Morgan