Jun 28, 2017 1:46AM

G-Star Raw Research III Pops Off Mad Colours And First Women's Collection

Taste the rainbow.
For the third edition of the G-Star Raw Research project, Aitor Throup took everything he knew about denim and threw it out the window. Ok, so the real approach is far less dramatic but a whole lot more clever.
Aitor took to deconstructing denim pieces in order to rebuild them in a way that was fresh, but still utilitarian. "Industrialisation leads to standardisation," he said. "By deconstructing it you learn to isolate those elements and bring our new possibilities for denim."
Some of the new possibilities legit include 15 bright colours, which takes the collection from functional work wear to 100% werrrrk wear. Of course, like all good denim nerds, Aitor didn't completely ditch heritage traits — the collection also features raw ecru and indigo styles.
And, for the first time, the collection features womenswear. And not in a way that is lazily appropriated into tight/weird cuts, rather in a way that sees functional men's shapes work on a woman's bod. 
Honestly how good is this green drawstring hem situation:

Introducing Raw Research for women today at @Gstarraw presentation with @Alealimay. #GStarRAWResearch #PMFW

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The collection, with colours scattered uniquely across stores, is out in December.
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Hayley Morgan