Feb 12, 2016 5:16PM

Gabi And Lucas: A Love Story, Shot By Sophie Koella


Gabriella Bechtel and Lucas Bin are two LA-based cuties who are making us believe in actual luv. They got together pretty recently after first meeting on Instagram (it's totally the new MySpace, guys), enjoy sushi dates, talking 'bout music, and are so MFEO that we almost can't deal. 

We caught up with the young lovebirds recently to take some snaps and interview them about each other, because that's the way Saint Valentine would've wanted it.


What was your first impression of Lucas?
We first "met" over Instagram, so all I knew of him was his internet presence. When I met him in person it was like catching up with an old friend!

Best memory together?
I took him to where I grew up and we ate a lot of my favourite foods from my hometown.

What do you admire most about him?
He really appreciates and cares about everyone in his life. He also loves music and knows so much about the history of his favourite artists.

What's Lucas's favourite movie?
A Clockwork Orange.

What's Lucas's most annoying habit?
He has a terrible sense of direction and never knows where he is.

What's Lucas's spirit animal?

What's Lucas's idea of a perfect day?
Playing guitar, surfing, eating Havea chips and sushi and spending time with his friends and his dog Blu.


What was your first impression of Gabi?
I thought she was beautiful but her style is super sick also, and both give her a unique look that I love. I felt super comfortable with her from the start. It was crazy.

Best memory together?
When we had to sleep in my car. I was happy even though it was uncomfortable and back hurt, and the way the positives outweighed the negatives showed me I really liked her.

What do you admire most about her?
She does things without worrying about who will think what. Sounds kind of cliché but it's true. She really trusts herself.

What's Gabi's favorite movie?
I know she has a bunch, but she loves Almost Famous and cried while we watched it, so I have a good feeling that's gotta be it.

What's Gabi's most annoying habit?
She watches people eat on YouTube all the time. It's weird and sometimes I can tell she's listening to me chew and then I can't eat anymore.

What's Gabi's spirit animal?
Black cat. Easy. But in the cool way not the bad luck way.

What's Gabi's idea of a perfect day?
Wake up, coffee, dance around while I'm trying to tell her something, sushi, watch eating videos, sushi again, crashing a high school party just to mess with people, sleep.


Photography: Sophie Koella
Fashion: Jane Moseley

Nadia Bailey