Jun 12, 2012 12:56PM

'Game of Thrones' Event at ACMI

A panel discussion celebrating everybody's latest TV obsession.

The Australian Centre for the Moving Image is reassuring us that it's okay to be a TV junkie with its continuing program Live in the Studio series. This month's discussion will centre on Game of Thrones, the newest craze in our obsession with the brutally violent and sexually explicit worlds of kingdoms passed. The Tudors took us back to 16th century England and now we venture into the middle ages, which is way better because there's magic and dragons. The second season has just ceased airing so what better way to reminisce about your favourite (possibly now dead) character whilst hanging out for series three? Get along to ACMI to bro down with fellow Game of Thrones aficionados in a panel hosted by Triple J's Paul Verhoeven, Dr Djoymi Baker, author George Ivanoff (Gamers series) and Clementine Ford.

The panel will examine the TV drama that has viewers engrossed with its glorious blend of violence, brutality, sex and fantasy. There will also be discussion of the complex plot lines and the Dothraki language (which was developed by linguist David Peterson). Maybe after the panel you can play the Game of Thrones drinking game, which requires you to take a swig every time a King dies, or there's a gratuitous sex scene, or crows cawing ominously — chances are you'll be drunk in less than ten minutes. 

The event will take place at ACMI in Melbourne Thursday July 26 at 7pm. Get your tickets before they sells out!