Aug 14, 2014 3:14PM

Gavin McInnes Publishes Anti-Trans Essay

The Vice co-founder's piece on Thought Catalog angers community.
The writer Gavin McInnes ain't no stranger to controversy, but the Vice co-founder's newest essay, published on Thought Catalog and titled 'Transphobia Is Perfectly Natural' is the cause of much keyboard bashing and frustrated face palms. In the story, Gavin dismisses people who identify as transgender as "nuts trapped in a crazy person's body," and adds, "By pretending this is all perfectly sane, you are enabling these poor bastards to mutilate themselves. This insane war on pronouns is about telling people what to do."
We know, it's the worst. Especially when trans people are suffering such disparately high rates of bullying, suicide and social ostracisation. At the risk of upsetting everyone reading this, here's some more, for context: "We're all transphobic. We aren't blind. We see there are no old trannies. They die of drug overdoses and suicide way before they're 40 and nobody notices because nobody knows them. They are mentally ill gays who need help, and that help doesn't include being maimed by physicians. These aren't women trapped in a man's body. They are nuts trapped in a crazy person's body. I see them on the streets of New York. They are guys with tits and a sweatshirt. They wear jeans and New Balance. "What's the matter with simply being a fag who wears makeup?" I think when I see them. You're not a woman. You're a tomboy at best. Get fucked in the ass. And ladies, if you're a butch lesbian, you're a lady with a lot of testosterone. Put a dick on a belt and fuck your girlfriend. You don't need to turn your vagina inside out. You're not a man. You don't even know what Turf Builder is."
Interesting to think about the line between 'controversial opinion' and 'hate speech'. It's a blurry line, depending on who you talk to. That said, Oyster knows some amazing (and sxc) trans folk who would gladly clear it up for Gavin. We've got a way to. 
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