Mar 03, 2016 12:13PM

Gender-Fluid Emoji Are Coming

Bai, binaries.

The tech whizzes at Unicode, who are responsible for bringing racially diverse emojis into your life, are in the process of customising a game-changing mode: emoji gender swap. Bloody ace!

The emoji keyboard is definitely lacking in fierce girl roles (excluding the Spanish dancer); RN ladies can choose from a bride, a princess, slutty Halloween rabbit twins, a girl getting her hair cut and a girl doing various hand gestures. Meanwhile, dudes get detective, robber, thinking and running options. No fair!

Big tech players Peter Edberg, an Apple engineer, and Mark Davis, a Google engineer who also happens to be the Unicode Consortium president and co-founder, put out a proposal for gender-customisable emojis this week.

Mark Davis told TIME that, if approved, the update will include male, female and genderless emojis that you'll be able to sub in to all other existing human emojis: "That draft, if we end up approving it, will allow vendors to be able to support a male runner, a female runner, and if they want to, a neutral runner of no specific gender [for example]. It provides for taking a number of different characters and saying, 'I would like to have a female version.'"

The proposal also outlines updates that will allow you to switch the direction of your emoji's actions, swap their hair colour (with red, grey and bald options becoming available), and feature new flag emojis for all subdivided countries. These changes are not 100% yet, but keep your eyes open and wifi connection strong because non-binary emoji ain't far away.

Ying-Di Yin