Jun 03, 2016 12:42PM

Gender-Fluid Sims Are Coming

Ah, gwanda blitz!

The game responsible for consuming 90% of your childhood, and for giving you a disconcerting desire to feature giant self-made cemeteries in your dream home, is about to get a very 2016 update. The Sims 4 is introducing gender customisation options that say bai to the binary Sims of yesteryear. 

As anyone who's ever played The Sims knows your time is mostly dedicated to curating your Sim, entering cheat codes in order to build the sickest crib possible and then drowning your Sims in the pool, setting the house on fire, making the social worker come and doing other shady shit.

These updates mean that your Sim-building time will be significantly enhanced with clothing, hair, visual and jewellery options now available across both genders. You'll also be able to curate their walk style and tone of voice. Here's some DTP and business casual examples that Maxis prepared earlier:

Brb, playing Sims 4 forever.
Photo: The Sims

Lucy Jones