Apr 18, 2017 6:09AM

Get Ready To Froth Biebs So Hard While He Sings To You In Spanish

It feels like somethin's heating up.
While we are partial to ragging on Justin Bieber, we are also human and defs think he's hot / obv looked at *those pics*. So, excuse us while we are legit gasping for air over the pure sexiness that is Biebs singing in Spanish.
'Despacito' is a track by the prince of Latin American music, Luis Fonsi. Getting Biebs on the feature was a genius move for both the results it has on our breaking hearts and the YouTube view counter (eight mil in 24 hours, jeez).
In 2012, when Biebs dropped 'Boyfriend' we questioned whether he was the new Justin Timberlake — comparing the falsetto to that of 'Cry Me A River'. Once again JB rises to JT levels, pulling out a number that has strong legs next to your fav call-out track 'Señorita'. 
…and, for old time's sake:

Hayley Morgan