Sep 14, 2016 6:21PM

Get The Low-Down On Gigi Hadid's Tommy Hilfiger Collab

Live from NYFW!

Your girl Gigi Hadid has been doing some very cool things for iconic American label Tommy Hilfiger of late. The little ripper just modelled the Gigi x Tommy collection that she co-designed at NYFW, proving that she is in fact good at everything. 

Our pal Alexandra Spencer (@4thandBleekerwent BTS at the show, and also got a preview of the collection back in June, get her low-down above and below.

Can you describe the Gigi x Tommy collab in a sentence?
Alex Spencer: #TommyNow is a little bit of Tommy past and a lot of Tommy new. New faces and new direction, but still the same Americana youth we remember.

What was your experience meeting Gigi and the team?
I had the pleasure of flying to New York back in June to experience Gigi's take on the Hilfiger world for her first capsule collection for the iconic brand. I learnt that Gigi was hands on in every part of her collaboration — she had her own chair in the design studio and she worked REALLY hard. 

I also wore the same jacket as baby girl Aaliyah and learnt that Tommy is taller than Ralph Lauren. 

Why do you think Tommy and Gigi work so well together?
I briefly saw them both together up on 5th Ave, when they told us about the how and the what and the why of their collection... It was brief, but in those moments I could see that they get each other. Their energy matches, and as the two of them stood there with Champagne glasses, swapping inside jokes, I could see why something old meets something new makes a really great Tommy now. 

Photography: Alex Spencer

Lucy Jones