Aug 02, 2017 12:51AM

Get To Know: Clare Ferra's Vintage Designer Heaven IRVRSBL

Get in loser, we're going shopping.
Clare Ferra says her number one skill is shopping. Realistically, it's sharing. Unlike us, she can scour the racks of the world and find super amazing designer vintage… and then just release it into the wild. Crazy, right? After her finds are dusted off and inspected for flaws, she puts them up for sale on her incred webstore IRVRSBL. You can see some of the magic in the shoot above, which she created with Byron Spencer to celebrate the relaunch of the shop.
Below, we asked Clare a few hard-hitting questions about herself, fash, and turning it up a notch for IRVRSBL.
Can you tell me a little bit of background on yourself, how you got into this biz, and what you were doing before?
I went to art school, then after that I worked as a video editor and was unceremoniously fired from my job. That experience made me decide to pursue IRVRSBL full time. I had been doing it on the side and felt like I'd be more capable of fulfilling my potential if I branched out on my own. Despite my studies and experience, shopping has been the one constant in my life. It sounds inane but it's the one thing that I am best at. So it's actually pretty fitting that I'm doing it as a full time job now.  
What can we expect from the relaunch? How does it differ?
When I first launched IRVRSBL I was new to the experience and totally naive, figuring it all out as I went along. I still am to an extent. I took a hiatus to rethink the store, then moved from Sydney to Melbourne and reopened here. The aesthetic is a little more mature, and a little more sophisticated this time, but still keeping things fun. I've also tried to make things more accessible. Previously I saw my store as a kind of fashion museum; I don't want that anymore. I want everyone to be buying and wearing these pieces because they deserve a home.  
Three pieces you wish you could keep for yourself...
This JPG puffer jacket — Perfect for Melbourne winter. A Gucci monogram belt and this Dolce cherry print top.
Any items from your wardrobe that you'll never sell...
An Alaia bodysuit. And I have a great pair of vintage Cartier sunglasses.   
If IRVSBL was a mood: Eclectic
If it was an animal: Panther
If it was a place: Pierre Cardin's bubble mansion in the south of France
If it was a time: 10 pm
If it was a song: Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club
If it was a food: Finger lime
If it was a famous person: Grace Jones
If it was a YouTube video:
If it was a quote: "Say whatever you want, I know I look good" - The Sitter
If it was a film: This..
Photographer: Byron Spencer
Model: Elena Bridget Waring
Makeup: Kate Angus

Hayley Morgan