Feb 05, 2016 6:46PM

Get To Know K-Pop Superstars Boyfriend


Boyfriend are one of the biggest K-Pop groups on the planet, just ask one of their one million Facebook followers or any member of their heaps legit fan club, Best Friend.

The six triple threats are known for dropping banger after banger as well as being v desirable boyfriends. They're also in Sydney ATM with equally cute K-Pop group JJCC, so we hit them up to talk about the roles they take on in the group and their hardcore fans. 

Name/age/star sign:
Dong-Hyun Kim. 26. Aquarius. 
Hyun-Sung Sim. 22. Gemini.
Jung-Min Lee. 22. Capricorn.
Young-Min Cho. 20. Taurus.
Kwang-Min Cho. 20. Taurus.
Min-Woo Noh Age. 20. Leo.

Can you describe your music in a sentence?
Dong-Hyun: Music that everyone can enjoy.
Hyun-Sung: Music that tries variety of concepts and genres, like a transformers robot.

Jung-Min: Memory, like a first love.
Yong-Min: Developing music.
Kwang-Min: Friendly music.
Min-Woo: Mature music 1.

What is your role in the group (musically and personality-wise)?
Dong-Hyun: Team leader.
Hyun-Sung: Lovely man.

Jung-Min: Mood maker.
Yong-Min: Serious man.
Kwang-Min: Lively man.
Min-Woo: Youngest man.

How would you describe your relationship with your fan group Best Friend
Dong-Hyun: Precious and lovely people.
Hyun-Sung: Boyfriend does not exist without Best Friend.
Jung-Min: People who I will love forever.
Yong-Min: The reason why we are existing.
Kwang-Min: They are mine! Precious people.
Min-Woo: The reason why we are on the stage.

What's been the biggest moment of your career so far?
Dong-Hyun: There are so many biggest moments — our debut, the very first concert, world tour etc.
Hyun-Sung: I still remember when we got our first award, and when we released Obsession and came back to the stage.
Jung-Min: Every moment is the biggest moment for me.
Yong-Min: My biggest moment would be the day we debuted on the stage, I remember that I was really nervous.
Kwang-Min: Having to meet many of our fans while we were on the world tour! Also visiting Australia for the first time.
Min-Woo: When we came first on the chart with our song 'Witch' we all cried.

What's your best tour memory? 
Dong-Hyun: When our fans from all over the world called our name and sang our songs together! Looking forward to seeing same support happening in Australia.
Hyun-Sung: When we need to say goodbye to the fans on the stage [at the end of a] concert. That moment lingered in my mind well after it was over.
Jung-Min: I've enjoyed every moment of our world tour concert in Asia, South America, and Europe etc. so every moment is my best memory.
Yong-Min: My first step into various countries is my best tour memory. I was very surprised to see fans cheering from the airport.
Kwang-Min: Every time we have concert is my new best memory. I love playing around with my fans during concert.
Min-Woo: My best memory is when our fans from overseas sing our songs together with us in Korean! I'm [always] so touched!

What do you hope to do while you're in Australia?
Dong-Hyun: I want to have a steaks and go and see the Opera House. Oh! I must see Kangaroos as well!
Hyun-Sung: I would like to see one of the performances or concerts in Opera House.
Jung-Min: I want to tour around Sydney and do shopping as well.
Yong-Min: I would love to see Koalas and Kangaroos!
Kwang-Min: There is a Japanese movie called '
Socrates in Love', and it was pretty impressive, Uluru was in one scene and I would like to go and visit there. 
Min-Woo: I'
ve never seen Kangaroo in my life, I would love to see them while I'm here. 

Lucy Jones