Feb 04, 2017 12:14AM

Get To Know Lover's Pure Poetry And Sexy Rock And Roll

Feels good.
Brooklyn-based duo Lover are about to release their debut full-length record Am I Safe?. In the lead up, they've quietly handed us the premier of their new single, and accompanying video, 'Romantic Depot'. Shot in black and white, it gives full focus to Jordan's rumbling vocals and emotive lyrics, and Byron's expertise in thumping drums and steady bass. Together, they make pretty sexy rock and roll.
Am I Safe? is out March 3 on Concierge Records. But first, get to know 'em via this pop quiz…
Name: Lover is Jordan Robin and Byron Kalet
Jordan: N/A
Brian: Byron
Where are you from and where are you currently living? 
J: LA by way of Honolulu, and I've lived in New York City for the last 10 years.
B: Born and raised in Seattle, WA. Moved to NYC in 2004 and been thinking about leaving ever since.
What were you into in high school?
J: Driving through Hollywood blasting Jesus and Mary Chain and Pavement, probably crying about a boy.
B: Sleeping in class, being invisible to my peers, not knowing how to dress myself, panic attacks. 
In what ways have you changed since then? 
J: I'm not crying.
B: I know a lot more about myself and the world. I'm not as awful as I thought I was, but the world is a whole lot worse. 
Can you describe your music in five words?
J: It's only rock and roll.
B: Musical Virtuosity < Emotional Expression
If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you choose? 
J: Baby Alpaca! A special one that stays baby size forever.
B: A red panda would be tight, or a full size tiger but we'd have to have some sort of psychic mind meld situation.
What scares you most?
J:  At this moment I am terrified of Trump's America in a multitude of ways. Most personally, I am alarmed by the aggressive and unjust threat from the GOP to defund Planned Parenthood - especially as certain states have begun to test this potential. I cannot remember any time in my life when my rights as an American Woman have been so directly violated as they have with this threat. Planned Parenthood not only assists women in need with their right to choose, but provides a multitude of women's health, family planning and educational services that are vital to so many Americans who don't have other options. I am deeply offended by the Right's broad misunderstanding of Planned Parenthood as an abortion clinic. I have personally used their healthcare services in times when I could not afford other doctors, and feel incredibly grateful to have this organisation in our country. The morning after Trump was elected, I walked past the Long Island City Planned Parenthood building, overwhelmed with fear that not only my right to choose would disappear, but also that my, and all of our, privilege to have Planned Parenthood in our world would be taken away by a group of people who don't even understand the full scope of what the organisation contributes to our nation. It is undoubtedly the most important health resource for young women (and some men too) in this country. I have started to do what I can to help protect it, including using LOVER as a platform to encourage others to do the same. 
B: Well, the Global Capitalist Empire that props up the various oligarchies and fascist states (like our own) around the world is pretty horrifying but the most specific and imminent threat we're facing (and have been since at least the 1970s) is Climate Change. There are a wide variety of mechanisms in place that create incentives everywhere for us to either wilfully ignore or ignorantly support this widespread ecological disaster that is far worse than I think anyone will admit. We’re going to see some shit go down in our lifetime that will make global nuclear war seem like a pleasant way out in comparison.
Who's your dream musical collab?
J: I recently saw Doug Aitken's retrospective at MOCA in LA, and have been dreaming of working on a music video with him ever since. But also, Bobby Gillespie producing Lover remixes. 
B: I was obsessed with Fugazi when I was young and I have some friends that had their record produced by Guy Picciotto so I'd love to do that for our next record. Or Tony Visconti. 
What's the best YouTube you've ever seen? 
J: A friend just showed me this: 
B: Any of the ones of Snoop narrating Planet Earth
What's you favourite soundtrack?
J: Only Lovers Left Alive by Jozef Van Wissem. 
B: Music of Cosmos by Vangelis and V/A (a close second would be John Carpenter’s soundtrack to Big Trouble in Little China
Can you describe your dream date?
J: Surprise road trip. 
B: All I need is a great conversation, anywhere, anytime. 
What three songs would be on your ultimate sexy times playlist?
J: 'Blue Flower' the Mazzy Star version, 'Anemone' by Brian Jonestown Massacre, 'Us Now' by Them Are Us Too
B: 'More than This' by Roxy Music, 'Feel Flows' by The Beach Boys, 'Creep' by TLC
If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life what would you choose?
J: Goats Head Soup by The Rolling Stones
B: In a Silent Way by Miles Davis
What do you want to be when you grow up? 
J: The same person I've grown into now but with a Gucci sponsorship
B: I'm thinking more about retirement at this point. I've long had a vision of being a recluse either in the Southwest Desert, or Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Living off the land by day and playing synthesiser by night. And smoking a shit ton of weed. 
Photos: Lover