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Get To Know: The Body Posi Cool Girl Behind Fantabody

Coming out of Milan with a sporty, sexy and stretchy feel, Fantabody is ultimately celebrating strong women. It's a series of capsule collections of bodysuits designed by photographer and master of awesome aesthetics Carolina Amoretti. Totally in love with the real-deal body positivity coming from the label's Instagram account, we asked Carolina to answer a couple of questions. 
In return, we got smart answers as well as a series of photographs featuring performance artist Reverie interpreting the Fantabody world with her bod. It's this kind of lust for collaboration and magic girl thinking that makes Fantabody so special. Sure, the velvet and hyper printed leotards are so club-ready and cool it kills, but Carolina's genuine high spirit is what brings the fans.

Hi, I'm Adria and I'm 21. Even if many people may think that being a redhead and having lots of freckles is beautiful, for me it has not always been so. When I was a teen I tried to hide my freckles with strange creams and my crazy curly hair were really difficult to handle. But day by day, I understood they actually are my distinctive signs and there is nothing cooler than being recognizable at first sight for something! Now I know that if I ask someone to portrait me, they will immediately sketch my red mass of hair and my freckles and everyone will think: ok, she's Adria!- That's cool and lovely! And #ILOVEMYSELF for this! #MAKESYOURDEFECTYOURGOAL by @gretatosoni A concept by @carinemorris_ #fantabody #fantagirls #realgirlsdoitbetter #loveyourself #bodysuit #fantamarios

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Name: Carolina Amoretti
Nickname: Amorina, Carolina Petit Amour
Star sign: Sagittarius
Where did you grow up and where are you living now? 
I grew up in Liguria — a seaside place in the north west of Italy. When I was 18 I decided to leave my little city to study and find work opportunities in a metropolis like Milan.
What impact did those places have on you/your work? ​
Growing up in Liguria was really magic for me. This has allowed me to explore my nature feelings, gather my thoughts in front of the winter sea, or losing my trippy mind in the woods in the summer. When I was 13 I started classical dance as well as art school, and in that period I understood how important the art of body and movements were to me. moving to Milan, I brought this awareness in the club and in my photographic and aesthetic research.
What were you like in high school?​
Art school :)
How have you changed since then? 
During art school, all my energy was focused on art, creative projects, and learning.
Since that moment I had an entire route mapped out on my head, of course after that, starting my professional work I learned better how to be a professional creative freelancer. 
If you had to describe your label Fantabody in five words…? 
Sporty, erotic, contemporary, dynamic, addictive.
You shot performance artist Reverie in your pieces, what connection does her work have with your label?
Fantabody is extremely connected with all kinds of dance performances and wants to get closer to art. Reverie is a young artist and eclectic performer based in Milan. She developed a personal form of virtual poetry and began to deepen her intimate and research language with video, photo and deed works. She also collaborates with other artists' projects because she is interested in interpreting the point of view of others through the most diverse forms of expression. I met her during a Fantabody event in Milan, and I really love to create connections with interesting people close to me, who live in my city. So I asked to her to interpret the Fantabody world using here body as a channel / expressive medium.
Who else is doing cool stuff in your creative community?
All the people in Milan say that it is a good period for this city, and for sure I feel people working hard on their own projects. Different interesting brands like Sunnei, Archivio, Marios, Vitelli are based in this city, and we know and love each other. Other crazy realities like Miss Keta, Stai Zitta mag, Wovo store, No text,  are creating a connected community.
What fascinates you about body suits/bodies? 
I am forever fascinated by the gymnastic and ice-skating competition bodysuits. Such beautiful and eccentric looks they have just for a sporty contest!
What girls/artists do you look to for inspiration? 
All the strong woman in the sport, music, cinema and the art world could inspire me. >I'm always trying to observe things in the present, to develop in the future but for sure the big and strong personalities of the past have conditioned me and my work. From the best Italian showgirls, that really can be dancers, actress and singers too, like Raffaella Carrà or Amanda Lear, to the beauties Monica Vitti, Mina, and contemporary singers like M.I.A. and Solange that I was lucky enough to dress with Fantabody during their performances.
Outside of Fantabody, what do you do?
I'm a fashion photographer and even if Fantabody takes a lot of time, photography is my principal business. By the way almost all the pics you can see on social media are mine. If I want create something to shoot without any commercial constraint, I can decide what is on point for my brand, and that makes me amused and free.
Best piece of advice you've ever received? 
Probably the best advice ever, came a long time ago from my big sister: Enjoy what you are now living, don't think too much.
What three songs are currently soundtracking your life? 
I really love this question :)
The Blaze - Territory 
Lil Kleine & Ronnie Flex - Drank & Drugs
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
What was your last meal? 
My last meal was pasta with courgettes and tomatoes (one of my best dishes).
What's the best thing on the internet? 
The best thing on internet is google maps :)
What do you want to be when you grow up? 
I would love to be a beautiful mother with a career.
Photos: Carolina Amoretti
Model: Reverie
Props: Micol Riva
Coordination: Giustina Guerrieri

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