Nov 11, 2016 3:38PM

Get To Know The Talented Cuties Behind Sydney Band Heart People

Heart People are a super talented duo making tunes out of Sydney with some of the most posi vibes, and the most posi band name, going around. Ryan Grieve, also of Canyons and Venus II, and model/visual artist/cool chick Rachel Rutt just released their fresh new single 'Show You' and they're playing gig at Freda's tomorrow night (deets below).

To celebrate all this awesomeness, we hit them up to ask them a few Qs about how their different creative backgrounds led them to start Heart People and who they'd love to work with. 

Zac Abroms: How did you meet? 
Rachel Rutt: We got together as Heart People over experimenting with poetry over some music that Ryan was making. It started off as spoken word and evolved from there! 

What role do each of you perform in Heart People?
Ryan makes the music and I do the vocals.
How does coming from different creative backgrounds influence the project?
It allows us to see it as more than just a musical project. From the beginning we have always talked about the importance of visuals and collaborative aspects with other artists. Through our respective backgrounds, we've been able to draw from a greater pool of people and ideas. This makes the project broader and more diverse in every way.

What's the best thing about working with one and other?
The fact that we have the same goal and vision but we are coming at it from two different angles.

With whom do you collaborate creatively in film, photography, fashion and otherwise? 
We try as much as possible to work with our friends and make new friends through the creative process. Our friend, and the director of our last video, Byron Spencer also shoots all of our press and artistic content. He also introduced us to Matthew Gode who choreographed for 'Show You', and our next clip, and is also coming on board to choreograph for the live show. Pauly Bonomelli of Hi Mum I'm Dead always lends his magic to the costume element of our shoots. Hayley Brown is our chief of graphics and Claire Thomson is our dream make-up artist.

Who are your dream collaborations? 
Pet Shop Boys! We are lucky enough to be mixing/covering one of our favourites of theirs, 'Heart', early next year. 

Introduction: Madeleine Woon
Interview: Zac Abroms 
Photography: Byron Spencer