Aug 01, 2014 2:30PM

Girls In China Are Taking Armpit Hair Selfies On Social Media

Plus enter our competition; win ultimate respect.
Furthering our endless conversations about body hair on Oyster, a tonne of girls in China have taken to the Facebook-like social media platform Weibo recently, showing off progress photos of their underarm hair. Why take photos of your unshaven armpits? Maybe it's partly because hair is haute right now, but mostly, the answer lies in the question. That is to say, questioning it at all makes obvious the fact that it's a mostly socially unacceptable pastime to grow your own Goddess-given hair. 
For every person who sees one's body hair and says "yasss, bitch!" there's another five who say "Eww, no." Are those numbers shifting? They will if these gals on Weibo have anything to do with it! Reportedly, the girls in China getting on board the ebb/flow trend train, all the way to fuzz town are a mixed bunch. Most are doing it for no other reason than having fun — posting progress photos as a playful competition between an extended network of friends.
Loosely, it's called 女生腋毛不拔大赛 (translating to 'girls not plucking their armpit hair') and plenty of the participants don't even have armpit hair, save for a few strands which they're now gleefully refusing to pluck. 
We could go down the 'what does it mean?' trend piece wormhole and never resurface, but instead, lets appreciate the fact that fashion magazines don't talk about pubes etc. all that often and these days, they are. Here's an idea! Let's have a competition of our own! Send us your armpit hair pictures. We'll view them all, promise.
Then, we'll post the pictures for all the world to see and one lucky gal (or guy, we don’t discriminate) will win the prestigious and respect-endowing title of Hair Queen. Are you our Hair Queen? Email or use the hashtag #hairqueen. Yes, this is serious! Here's a picture straight from Oyster HQ to prove it. Good luck! 
Photos: Weibo/Rocket News/Terry Richardson