Oct 01, 2013 12:02PM

Givenchy's Sequin Masks Took 12 Hours Each

Extreme desert sci-fi crafts.

It wasn't just Kimye's front row appearance at Givenchy's Paris Fashion Week show that got everyone talking — hows about those sequin face masks? They looked really cool and made a sick, sci-fi counterpoint to the neutral tones and draped jersey, post-apocalyptic-desert-stroller-meets-Japanese-warrior vibes in the collection. They also took 12 hours each to apply. 

You heard. The same length of time that there is light on one side of the planet. Sitting in a seat for that long, while make up artist Pat McGrath (and a team of twenty others) glues shiny plastic bits to your face, may have been the equivalent of water torture for the models involved, but look at the glorious results! A face full of high-fantasy drag that's not coming off anytime soon.  
Way to switch gears, Ricardo Tisci. Just when everyone gets used to your whole black-and-bold-graphics routine, you go and deliver this Dune-esque (see below), futuristic Kabuki vision. 
Photos: Imaxtree /Monica Feudi /Sonny Vandevelde