Feb 18, 2016 11:24AM

GoldLink & DJ Kidd Marvel Take The Proust Questionnaire

Who am I?

In today's episode of "getting to know the real you", our resident Proust interviewer Jerico Mandybur gets deep with two bright minds belonging to GoldLink and DJ Kidd Marvel.

In case you're not familiar with the lads, GoldLink is a 21-year-old DC rapper/legend with a mad 90s-esque flow, and DJ Kidd Marvel can lay down a beat like the best of them. If you missed them at Laneway Festival, don't FOMO too much 'cause there's still time to find out every single minute detail about their personalities. 

Jerico Mandybur: What's your idea of earthly happiness? 
DJ Kidd Marvel: A utopian society where everyone can smoke weed. There are no Donald Trumps in the world. Everyone is nice to each other. Everyone listens to music. Everyone goes outside, exercises… that's it.

Anything to add?
GoldLink: Mine is a utopian society where people praise me all day, and then every Thursday there's mandatory booty shaking competitions in every community. Everybody has to be Cowboys fans, no other basketball can be televised. Donald Trump would be president and everybody would have my albums on their phones, like the U2 album, yeah… like forcefully and everybody has to listen to them!

What do you regard as the lowest form of misery?
Kidd: Not to be loved by your loved ones.
GoldLink: Not being able to follow your dreams.

Who are your favourite people in history?
Kidd: Allen Iverson, Kanye West, Maya…
GoldLink: Ray J, the dog from Lassie and Hell Rell.

What qualities do you most admire in a friend?
Kidd: Someone that's trustworthy, honest, responsible, funny, yeah…
GoldLink: Loyalty.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Kidd: I wanted to be general manager/owner of the New York Knicks.
GoldLink: I never knew what I wanted to be when I was growing up.

What's your most marked, favourite characteristic?
Kidd: I think I am a very trustworthy person.
GoldLink: I think it's 'cause I'm like really pretty for a black guy and I am really cool… and I'm funny!

What's your principal defect?
Kidd: Hmm… what's fucked up about me? I don't know I think someone else will have to answer!
GoldLink: I think I am just too pretty for my own good sometimes…

…it gets you into trouble?
GoldLink: Yeah!

Do you have favourite writers, in any field?
Kidd: There's so many!
GoldLink: Me, I think I'm the best.
Kidd: ME.

Do you have any heroes in real life, like people that you know?
Kidd: My parents 'cause they left my country Senegal to start a new life in America and that's why I am in Australia today.
GoldLink: Definitely my mum and dad for real, which is really random for me to say but like my dad's cool, he gave up a lot for me, you know, and my mum put up a lot for me, just for me to be here. She'd be really broke and not have anything, she wouldn't eat before me and stuff like that. They both sacrificed a lot for me to be here.

What natural gift do you wish you possessed?
Kidd: Can it be a superpower? [Laughs] I wish I could fly. I'd fly everywhere! I'd never have to worry about checking in on the plane, I could get there myself.

What's your present state of mind?
Kidd: To have as much fun as I can while I'm here in Australia with the short amount of time we have left. Just happy, positive vibes.
GoldLink: Mine is like, fuck shit up all day, have a family and fuck shit up some more.

If you had a motto what would be your motto?
Kidd: YOGO WYPI. You Only Get Out, What You Put In.
GoldLink: Mine would be EAAD. Eat Ass All Day.

If you could choose, how would you like to die?
Kidd: On stage, in front of thirty thousand people, just playing some GoldLink... I'd just go out just like that.
GoldLink: I kinda wanna die in an elephant road rage accident, where I am in the African safari and we are all in the car and the elephant comes and we all die!

Photography: Dakota Gordon
Interview: Jerico Mandybur 

Madeleine Woon