Feb 16, 2015 11:29AM

Google And Mattel Are Making Virtual Reality View-Masters

Next Tamagotchi robots?

Remember the incredible View-Master? Those futuristic goggles that transported you to other worlds and dimensions with just a the click of your finger? Well apparently, that amazing technology isn't good enough for today's iPad babies. 

Google is partnering with Mattel to create a Virtual Reality View-Master, which sounds a little too complex for our 90s-reared Pokémon card-trading, Tamagotchi-playing selves to grasp. To use the device, kids will need to download the View-Master app on their cellular telephones and insert the phone into the View-Master. The screen will then transport them into virtual worlds inside the goggles. 

"Virtual reality, photospheric imaging, and augmented reality are all technologies that aren't necessarily new," said Doug Wadleigh, senior vice president of global brands at Mattel.

"It's our goal with the View-Master brand to make virtual reality accessible, easy to use, entertaining, educational, and family friendly."

The toys will be on the market later this year and retail for around $30. We wait with baited breath to see which other Mattel classics Google will help revamp as part of this ongoing collaboration. 

Photos: Tumblr

Lucy Jones