Mar 10, 2014 12:35PM

Google Earth Made Into Rugs

Earth IRL.
Google Earth is being crafted into IRL rugs for Consider This Landscape a Territory, an art project by Dutch designer Roosmarijn Pallandt which cleverly pairs digitised imagery of Earth with art you can walk on. Each rug starts from a screenshot of a location, which is then printed, woven and knotted — encapsulating the natural terrain, culture and production processes of the image's location. It's a neat utilisation of a tool that's proved handy when it comes to looking at what your house looks like from space and seeing how many people around you have swimming pools. Months of research and an incredible amount of detail goes into the production of these one-metre-squared rugs, which are made by local craftspeople, with the specific purpose of using entirely natural, undyed fibres and materials like silk, yak wool and eucalyptus.
Having created rugs in places including Thailand and Portugal, the project is set to expand to Peru, Japan, Mongolia and parts of Africa in the future, eventually spanning all the continents. As Pallandt says, the project "forms a direct connection between modern day Google Earth technology, local natural resources, and cultural heritage." Plus, it looks pretty amazing and you can pretend you're a giant when you walk across it!