Apr 23, 2017 6:23AM

Gorillaz Launch App So You Can Tune Into 'Humanz' Listening Party Right Now

Thanx fam.
Gorillaz are getting seriously teched out these days. More than just a couple of cartoon fellows, they've recently pulled off a live on-camera interview, they're working on a telly show and now they've launched a beautiful app.
The app lets you guys tune into a global listening party for their new record, Humanz, ahead of its April 28 release. Using augmented reality technology, it works in a way you'll be familiar with if you got deep on Pokemon Go — there's a scavenger hunt for particular locations, and check-ins unlock streams.
"Fans will be invited – via the app – to the Humanz House Party, an exclusive worldwide listening event which will allow fans to hear the new album in full for the first time," a press release says. "The Humanz House Party will be the largest ever geo-specific listening experience bringing people together across 500 locations." Neato.
Listening sessions started yesterday, and they'll run for the next two days, so you'd best download the app and get to it.
Photo: @gorillaz

Hayley Morgan