Apr 19, 2017 7:42AM

Gorillaz To Hold First Ever On-Camera Interview This Week

It's happening.
With a new record due at the end of the month, the Gorillaz hype machine is in full swing. Evidently, this is no burden to anyone, especially since the fictional band members have announced that they're going to do their first ever on-camera interview this week.
Not shy of releasing info on the project, vocalist Damon Albarn has already spoken heaps about the new record — even revealing that he has over 40 unreleased tracks ready to go.
But this interview promises to reveal a little more. It's not clear exactly how it's going to go down, but fans are encouraged to head to the streaming page to submit questions to be answered. Come Thursday April 20, 2-D and Murdoc will speak with BBC Radio 1's MistaJam. 
Humanz is out April 28. Listen to the new single 'Let Me Out' below.
Photo: @Gorillaz

Hayley Morgan